Here's a helpful productivity tip from Vaughan Rivett. It's actually a video tip. Vaughan has created a series of videos to help users get the most from Lotus Notes. Here's a link to his latest post on Keyboard Shortcuts in Lotus Notes 8.

In addition to using the standard keyboard shortcuts, Many of my clients use ActiveWords which integrates very nicely with eProductivity and IBM Lotus Notes. The neat thing about ActiveWords and the integration with Notes is that you can connect to Notes functionality no matter where you are - Notes does not even have to be running!

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Bruce Elgort ( 3/11/2009 10:11:13 PM
Keyboard Shortcuts in Lotus Notes - And More!

I wonder why it is still called a "memo" and not "email".

Mary BEth Raven (): 3/12/2009 8:44:51 PM
Keyboard Shortcuts in Lotus Notes - And More!

as of Notes 8, we renamed "memo" to "message" but since caughn is a long-time Notes user, he accidentally used the wrong word. :)

Andrew (): 3/30/2009 10:20:47 AM
That’s it?

Why bother with YouTube?

Ctrl + M = New Email

Ctrl + Shift + L = All shortcuts


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