Guest post by Wendy Mack:

Next week, my sister Amy and I will be accompanying our father to the GTD Summit; we will be assisting him at the eProductivity pedestal in the product showcase. We will help people learn how we use Notes, eProducivity and Mr. Allen's GTD methodology to get things done.

As part of my preparation, I created two documents to help my sister and me prepare for the Summit. I have learned that it is helpful to map out the people we might meet and connect this to a picture so that if we meet them we have a reference point. So that is what I did.

GTD Summit Planning Map. Created by Wendy Mack

My father encouraged me to share these maps on his blog so that whoever is interested can use them to plan for the conference.

The first mind map contains all of the information relevant to the GTD Summit (speakers, agenda, exhibitors, etc.)

The the second map contains information about key people at the David Allen Company - many of whom will be attending the Summit.  

I hope that this information helps. My sister and I look forward to helping and learning.

Update: I created these in MindManager 7. Use the free MindManager viewer to read these maps.

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Chris Blatnick ( 3/1/2009 8:11:30 PM
Great job, Wendy...It looks excellent!

I wish you could teach my son about mind mapping. I've tried to interest him, but he never wants to listen to his dad! :-)

Eric Mack ( 3/1/2009 8:31:07 PM
Chris, give him something fun to map

Pick a subject he likes and put that in the center and turn him loose. I taught all of my children mind mapping when they were very young and they use it for everything from planning trips to Disneyland to mapping projects to papers they have to write for school. We are just starting to introduce Personal Brain as a different kind of tool for personal KM. I wish I knew what my kids know now when I was their age.

Wendy Mack ( 3/1/2009 8:38:14 PM
What about using mind maps for school?

Hi Mr. Blatnick,

Although I love writing and English, I have never enjoyed using outlines - I found myself thinking more about how to correctly arrange my ideas than on what my ideas were. Now that I'm hooked on mind mapping, I like to record my ideas in maps first and arrange them in outline form later. I have often included the original maps with my reports and impressed my professors. Perhaps your son would be interested in using mindmaps for his papers in school.

Kerry Gallivan (): 3/1/2009 9:15:47 PM
Great MindMap!

Makes me even more excited about attending the conference!

Astrid de Beus ( 3/2/2009 2:37:57 AM
Two Mind Maps to help you prepare for the GTD Summit

Very nice you've made this maps of the summit. I can not join the summit, which I very much regret but in this way I can join

the summit from overseas by the internet. Nice of you to put all the pictures with it, So I know now which head belongs to which voice when I'm listening to the conversations of David Allen with guests or staff on his interviews. Makes it more real.

I wish you a very nice time learning and teaching at the Summit!

Best wishes from the Netherlands, Europe.

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