That's strange. I don't even have one million databases on my laptop!

20100724 - UX Issues Replication Stats.jpg

If I replicate a second time, it all works nicely, as it should.

No idea why this happens; I've lived with this for years on versions 8.x and 8.51x, (and even 8.52 CD5 from which I made this screen shot).

It's certainly not a show stopper. It could even be my laptop for all I know. For now, it remains an unsolved mystery.

Now that I have your attention, I have two other Notes UX issues that I cannot explain...

Notes Blue Screen

Perhaps you have seen this problem: In Notes 8.52 CD5 (but also in 8.5.1). I'm a big fan of using the ESC key to close a window - it's one of my favorite Notes shortcuts and I use it all day to close Notes windows. With the introduction of Notes 8, however, I've noticed that if I accidentally press ESC while on the workspace, the workspace disappears and I end up with a blank workspace:

20100724 - UX Issues Notes Blue Screen.jpg

This happens to me several times a day. The only way that I have found to recover from this Notes "blue screen" is to click on the workspace bookmark that I created and then be careful not to press ESC or it the workspace will disappear again.

(Sorry, I'll give up Lotus Notes before I will give up the workspace. It's an important innovation in information organization and I've been productively using the Notes workspace for almost 20 years and I see no productive reason to change.)

Runaway Progress Indicator

Here's the last one. Every day or so, the progress indicator takes off...

20100724 - UX Issues Runaway Progress Indicator.jpg

... and it stays there until I restart Notes. Clicking on the orange ball shows a blank progress page. I wonder if this is a background process like an indexer? In any case, it's not a big problem; its just an annoying distraction like the new message waiting indicator that lowers my productivity except that there's no way to make it go away.

Fortunately, none of these issues prevent me from getting my job done. But they are bothersome enough to blog about in the hope I will learn about a fix.

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Peter Presnell ( 7/24/2010 8:49:06 PM
A new record: 20,626,644 Notes Databases Replicated

I have had similar experiences. While it seems to take a while to accumulate the first million Notes databases, after that time really flies. I guess once our (e)productivity levels approach the speed of light, the rate at which we create new database seems normal to the replicator but from a stationary position the progress indicator melts down completely.

Eric Mack ( 7/24/2010 9:51:25 PM
re: A new record: 20,626,644 Notes Databases Replicated

Perhaps that's it, Peter. At the Office 2.0 conference, David Allen said that he has more databases than employees... Glad to know I'm not alone...

Keith Brooks ( 7/25/2010 5:54:43 PM
A new record: 20,626,644 Notes Databases Replicated

The Esc key may be an offshoot of the double right click to close a window option in preferences perhaps? just a thought.

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