Jeff Widman over at Tech Crunch IT just blogged an interview he did with Ed Brill and Kevin Cavanaugh discussing IBM Lotus Notes. Inspired by the recent Taking Notes podcast, he riffs on the Notes UI issue and asks "Is IBM Lotus Notes Out of Touch With Web 2.0 World?"

It's an interesting discussion.

Oh, if you haven't purchased your tickets to Lotusphere 2009 yet, Jeff mentions that they are giving away two free tickets to Lotusphere, courtesy of IBM. (Thanks, Ed!)

Two free tickets to Lotusphere-is IBM’s Lotus Notes Out of Touch With Web 2.0 World?

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Ray Bilyk ( 12/25/2008 8:00:51 AM
I asked to be selected to get a ticket

I hope that they select me... I would really like to hear David and you speak on how GTD works in IBM/Lotus land!

2009 - The year I become productive!

Jeff Widman ( 12/25/2008 10:13:41 PM
An early Christmas Present: Free tickets to Lotusphere

Thanks for the link Eric. And for letting me quote you.

From the comments, it looks like multiple people really want to attend Lotusphere. Too bad only two tickets to give away.

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