IBM Innovation Jam 2008

Monday, October 6th, 2008
This is my first year to participate in the IBM innovation jam and I'm thankful to have been invited. A Jam is a massive gathering of thousands of people around the world to discuss and innovate around key themes. This year's theme deals with the enterprise of the future. It's the ultimate application of social media to thinking about specific outcomes.

As part of my graduate work in KM, I've been aware of these legendary events for years. Personally,  I'm interested not only in the outcome, but in the process and the tools (in this case, IBM's Innovation Jam web site itself) to see how people from all over the world can come together and innovate around key themes.


This year's areas of inquiry are:
  • Built for Change
  • Customers as Partners
  • Globally Integrated
  • The Planet and its People
From a productivity perspective, thing are on a roll at this year's Innovation Jam. As part of the 12,000 page NDA that I had to review and sign (just kidding) I'm not permitted to blog very much about specifics. But, I am permitted to generically blog, so I may make a post or two as time permits.

One thing I did do was to check the "Customers as partners" area to see if anyone had suggested using innovation jam as a tool for customers. What I was really curious to see was whether or not anyone had mentioned IdeaJam. Sure enough, I found that a few people had made references to IdeaJam as an example of how this was already being done. Cool. I like IdeaJam and, from what I see, I can tell that I will like innovation jam as well. I did notice is that the determination of something being a hot topic is based on behavior - e.g. reads, comments, links, etc. as opposed to votes or some other mechanism. So it's really important to get involved.

Just scanning the threads., I see many interesting discussions - too many to follow. There does not appear to be any RSS. That's a bummer, but understandable, given the closed nature of the jam. So, it looks like the best I can do with my limited time is to intellectually graze and make comments where I can.

I look forward to sharing, learning, and innovating.

What is Innovation Jam?
IBM Collaborative Innovation Web Site

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