(Live blogging, courtesy of an invitation from the IBM/Lotus Team - Thanks!)

Sitting in my comfy leather (or leather-like - can't tell) couch at the front of the Lotusphere 2010 opening general session. Mass Ensemble is performing the opening act. Amazing. To my right sits fellow bloggers Alan Lepofsky and Peter Presnel.

Lotus GM Alistair Rennie on stage, "I love the smell of Lotusphere in the morning!"

A major shout out to GBC College (Group Business Software) for hosting 500 college students (Com Sci and Business) to the event. Good to see an initiative from this.

And now... who will the special guest be? I'll know in 20 seconds.

It is.... Kevin Spacey  (Nice Bill Clinton impersonation on social networking,)  Learning the story of Kevin's journey to a film career. Now learning about there first experience with social business for independent film makers. (Triggerstreet.com) In 2002. Fascinating,

Hearing how the movie "The Social Network" came to be.

Kevin asks: "What is your vision for yourself, your company, and the world? When we work together, send the elevator down, good ideas can come from anywhere - some of the best ones are the ones that got chucked over the wall."

Alistair introduces the theme: "Get Social. Do Business." Talking about Social Business Transformation.

"IBM and Lotus exist for one reason: Innovate, Outperform, Thrive - measured by only one metric: Your success."

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Reflecting on Lotusphere 2011 day one...

Monday, January 31st, 2011
Reflecting on Lotusphere 2011 day 1: Lots of talk around Social Business. Of course IBM has lots of experience in this area. IBM's clients have been proving this stuff works for years. Lotus DominoBlog, SameTime Connections & Quickr - these "Social" innovations are proven and IBM's building on a strong foundation.

What's new and exciting is IBM's commitment and vision for how to equip businesses to become social businesses. IBM understands that it's not just about the technology to enable a social business. I plan to talk about this in my session on Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Opening General Session at Lotusphere 2011 to learn more.

Get Social. Drive Business. BDD @ LS11

Sunday, January 30th, 2011
(Live blogging from Lotusphere 2011 in Orlando, Florida)

Alistair Rennie welcomes the audience; 12,000 Lotus BPs in the ecosystem. Introduces Mike Rhodin SVP IBM Software Solutions Group.

(Congrats on the 100th anniversary of IBM, the company.)

"To visualize the future of IBM you must know something of the past." - Thomas Watson

The world is becoming more: Instrumented, Interconnected, and Intelligent.

Talking about IBM's Smarter Planet initiative
  • Smarter Commerce
  • Business Analytics and Optimization (Market $166 Billion this year alone)
  • Social Business (Potential $100B Oppty)

Companies are embracing social media. Cites a McKinsey study that show 74% of businesses integrating social media into customer interaction.

Tenets of Social Business...
  • Engaged (Connecting people to people)
  • Transparent (Removing boundaries)
  • Nimble (Leverage networks and devices)

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Guest Post by Wendy Mack

Amy and Wendy at age two using their computersRecently in the news, Microsoft has been bragging about how schools are either currently using or switching to Microsoft Outlook.  While that is true for most schools, our school, the Mack Academy has always used Lotus Notes and has made it an integral part of our school productivity toolkit.

Our principal realized the value of technology in the schools and started training us how to use computers at a very young age.  In fact, I was two when my sister Amy and I  were introduced to Lotus Notes and when I received my first email!  

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Tungle App for BlackBerry

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011
Guest Post by Wendy Mack

Tungle for BlackBerry AppAs a follow-up to last week's blog post on Tungle for Lotus Notes, I decided to venture out today and install the Tungle application for my BlackBerry.  

The installation process went very smoothly, so much so that I am not going to document the steps here.   I simply downloaded the free application from my BlackBerry App World, and, once loaded, I followed the instructions Tungle provides to set up this app.  

Scheduling a meeting in the Tungle for BlackBerry AppWhat this application allows me to do is to initiate and respond to Tungle invitations from my BlackBerry, without ever having to log onto the web to schedule a meeting.  I am very pleased so far with everything I have seen and I am excited to continue using Tungle. For those of you trying to hurriedly schedule your meetings for Lotusphere, this should be a great help to you.