All week, I've been blogging about knowledge management, social networking, and innovation.  With so many sessions at this week's KMWORLD conference dealing with innovation and social networking, I couldn't help but think about how we use IdeaJam as a tool to support innovation and collective thought. Several months ago, I set up an IdeaJam to learn from our customers about the features they most want to see in eProductivity . Recently, several of our new features are ones that came directly from our customers - that's innovation!

I see many other practical uses for IdeaJam: Yesterday, I was talking with David Allen about how we might handle questions at our proposed Lotusphere session. I decided to use IdeaJam to allow people to post questions in advance of the session and then vote on them. This is just another clever way to use the power of social software to innovate.

As a tool to support innovation and social consensus, IdeaJam should be in every organization's innovation toolkit.

My name is Eric Mack and I approve this message.

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