I received this email from Scott in Atlanta. He correctly points out that most product comparisons have one or both products using an old version. Scott asks if there is a way to compare the current version of Outlook with the current version of Lotus Notes.

Seems like a reasonable request to me. Perhaps someone has already done this and would like to help Scott in his evalutaion?
Hi Eric-
I am making the decision to use either Notes or Outlook on my home computer without a network or shared users.

Your blog was fantastic but I fear many of the points raised as to the differences may not be relevent since many posters were using the older versions of both Outlook and Notes.

Is there a way to compare both products based on the latest versions of both only?

I accumulate a lot of messages with attachments and currently have about fifteen folders that I sort my incomming messages into. I understand Notes uses just a single data file and I am worried about the size of it since it also includes the attachments.  Do you see a problem with a total msg count of a few hundred thousand messages.  How bout a million or more ?  ( that is what I will have if I can import my old messages from Netscape Communicator 4.6 )

This comparison is very difficult as I cannot get anyone at IBM or Microsoft to answer technical questions and I sure would hope I could shortcut the choice by some means other than buying and learning both.

BTW, would you know where I could go to see about conversion tools to import my messages from the Netscape 4.6  ?

Thanks Sincerely,
Scott in Atlanta
Scott, I'm going to post your question to my blog in the hopes that someone may have the answer you seek...
We need a good Notes <> Outlook comparison. As far as import tools from Netscape, nothing quickly comes to mind but I'm sure it's been done.
I hope this blog post helps

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Keith Brooks (http://www.vanessabrooks.com): 8/30/2008 7:59:28 PM
Is there an honest comparison of of Notes & Outlook?

At one time there were many ways to import Netscape mail into Notes. It is a text based email after all, with attachments.

Not sure what you need emails from so long ago for, nor why you require keping them all, but will accept you do.

I have mails going back to 92/93 on Notes R3 so I understand your situation.

You have choices, you can create a master inbox with secondary databases for older mail and search all of them.

or you can merge it all into one.

Notes is very flexible and good for a db up to 64GB(windows limit) and you don't need a server to do any of this.

Inquire for more if you wish.

I may even have the netscape converter someplace.

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