The theme of this blog is all about productivity and getting things done with IBM Lotus Notes. Anything that I find that increases my productivity in some way is a candidate for the Notes On Productivity Blog.

I'd like to highlight a solution that I think has potential to change the way small businesses get things done: Lotus Foundations. Foundations is a clever appliance that will save businesses a lot of time and expense while providing them access to a suite of productivity tools including IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Symphony, and more.*

I blogged about the Foundations server last year and I shared that I was excited to see this solution for the SMB community. At Lotusphere, I Met David Lawrence, one of our eProductivity champions and he took me over to the foundations exhibit where I got to see and touch a Foundations server. Unfortunately, I did not get to actually use it (too many people waiting in line) but I saw enough to see that will be a game changer for small businesses that want to focus on their business and not on managing servers.

Here's an outstanding 10-minute video by Doug Spencer that provides a quick overview of the Lotus Foundations server and how to configure and deploy it.

Via: Bilal Jaffery's blog

I have a small IBM Server here in my lab that as been running Domino 24x7 for the past 6 years. Perhaps, when it is time to upgrade again, I'll replace it with a Lotus Foundations server so that I can offer a hands-on perspective. Meanwhile, I encourgae you to check out the video.

*Since returning from Lotusphere, I've had several inquiries from Lotus Business partners that want to bundle eProductivity with Foundations for the ultimate SMB productivity solution. Hopefully some of them will share their experience so we can all learn more.

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