I try to blog about a variety of things that I find productive, particularly as they relate to my own use of Lotus Notes. Today, I read Joe Litton's post about how he's using Ytria tools to modify form and view action bars. I was reminded that I've had an action on my Someday/Maybe list to get together with my developers and write a blog post on how we are using Ytria tools to speed along our software development.

YTRIALOGO.gifIt's still on my list to write this, but I thought I would put in a good plug for the tools nonetheless. Ytria tools simply work. And, they save a lot of timeand reduce errors.

Since I do not do much development myself, the two tools that I use the most as part of the QA and deployment for eProductivity are: scanEZ and signEZ. I use these tools to set/reset hidden design and to sign our approved templates before we send them to customers. Other tools like the actionBarEZ and viewEZ and agentEZ are more popular with the development team.  The support has been great, too and Andre Hausberger has become quite the champion for us these past few years.

Anyway, if you are a Notes developer looking to improve your productivity, I encourage you to check out Ytria tools.

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Jeff Gilfelt (http://www.jeffgilfelt.com): 12/8/2008 1:16:35 AM
Productivity tools for Notes Developers: YTRIA Tools

I can't imagine having to maintain any medium to large scale Notes/Domino application without access to these tools. The ROI on the scanEZ product alone is huge - data maintenance tasks that are normally painful become effortless, therefore developers become more productive and can focus on actually developing applications.

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