Mikkel Heisterberg recently posted a top-10 list for Notes & Domino. It's unclear if this list is his or IBM's, the comments would suggest that the list is IBM's. In any case, the list offers some interesting things to think about. Certainly, from a personal productivity perspective, calendar federation and native Mac OS 10.5 support will be popular with people. I had an opportunity to see the calendar federation features at work when I attended ILUG. I look forward to seeing how these play out and perhaps how we can leverage this support in eProductivity as well.

On the web side, I'm interested in the xPages support as we work to extend our solutions to the web in new and dynamic ways.  (If you want to learn more about xPages, be sure to check out Stephan's blog as he is a major champion of xPages).

Finally, I know sidebars are now old news, I think they deserve mention as I expect to see more impressive side-bar productivity applications soon.

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