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Friday, August 29th, 2008
Ian White's blog post, "Does the world really hate Lotus Notes?" hit a nerve on a topic I was already passionate about, so I unloaded with a blog post sharing how I respond to people that tell me they hate Notes.

What I overlooked in Ian's original post was his proposal that we, the Notes Community, consider Tweeting 4 Notes.  I think Ian's idea of a 'tweet 4 notes' campaign might be an excellent way to help bridge the gap between IBM and those who use and love Notes and the knowledge workers that use notes.

Some of these people use Notes because they "get it" and they see the value both personally and professionally. Others may use Notes because it was forced upon them from above.

I think that anything that will promote conversation can't help but improve people's experiences using Notes. Often a simple productive tip or how-to can make the difference between a positive or negative experience. I'm thankful for the efforts that people like Ed and Alan put forth to share how people are using Notes and to explore tips and tricks with Notes. I hope to build on what they have done and see if I can help extend the reach of the message that Notes is Good by communicating across the chasm with the everyday knowledge workers that use Notes.

So, what do you think? Will you join Ian in tweeting for Notes?

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Dave Walczak (): 8/29/2008 6:58:01 PM
Lotus Notes: Tweet Tweet Tweet

I have used Notes for several years and find it so interesting how those new to Notes seem to think it is so archaic. In most cases, people have not been shown that "yes, Note can do that to". (I think I stole this line from Alan.) I take great pleasure in showing people the various "things" they didn't know that Notes can do that then turns them into someone that like Notes. Of course, this is probably an indictment of a poor training program on my part.

Is Notes perfect? No, but then neither is Outlook. The couple of things that really sell Notes for me is its superior replication capabilities and the fact that viruse attacks seldom are propagated through Notes. Priceless in my estimation.

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