In the spirit of looking at productivity tools for a variety of platforms, we can't overlook the fact that the world doesn't use Notes yet. For Outlook users that want to get things done, the folks at NetCentrics have just released the most recent version of their Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In, version 3.0.

NetCentrics and the David Allen Company have been working together to develop the Add-In as a trusted system for Outlook for over six years, and during that time the product has been upgraded many times.

This particular upgrade focuses on a number of enhancements and some nice new features.  Key among the enhancements is the integration of the menu items into Outlook’s “ribbons”, so the Add-In works more naturally with the ribbon concept.    As far as new features are concerned, NetCentrics listened to its customer base and created a really powerful project management capability, which pulls together a number of the existing features into a project management function.  This new functionality can simplify the management of projects and the tasks and actions related to your projects.

There are a number of other new features and enhancements in the 3.0 release that will be of interest to anyone who is passionate about Getting Things Done and is an active Outlook user.

You can learn more about the Outlook Add-in here and read about the new functionality here.

I’ve known and interacted with the folks at NetCentrics for several years, and they are top notch.  If you use Outlook and want to make it a “trusted system” you can’t go wrong with the GTD Outlook Add-In.

Of course, if you use Lotus Notes and want to make Notes your trusted system, then eProductivity is the solution for you.

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