Personal Brain and MindManager Maps Together

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
I've been a big user of MindManager and Personal Brain for many years. I do not see them as competing products as, in my mind, they serve very different purposes and I will often use both products side by side. Still, there are times when I'd like to move information from one to the other.

I recently received an email from the folks at Personal Brain announcing version 5, which among other things, provides the ability to import MindManager maps. It's now possible to use MindManager for organizing thoughts in a structured map and then, if desired, import that structure into a brain and connect those thoughts to others in the Plex.

I already use both MindManager and Personal Brain, (both are Lotus Notes enabled) with eProductivity. I find that each tools helps me visualize my ideas, knowledge, projects, and actions in useful ways.

Now, with the added capability to import maps, I have yet another useful tool in my productivity toolkit.

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Fred Beiderbecke (): 12/10/2008 5:42:09 AM
Personal Brain and MindManager Maps Together

I may have missed it, but do you have a post or series of posts on how you handle your workflow? I am interested in how you use PB vs MM, how Gyroq fits in. Do you use ResultsManager too? If you don't, I would be very interested in seeing that. I would also like to know how you have or are planning on integrating eProductivity with those tools. And a price and a release date for eProductivity.

Eric Mack ( 12/10/2008 4:36:32 PM
re: Personal Brain and MindManager Maps Together

Hi Fred,

I covered that last year in my webinar on MindManager and Notes. I believe you can still watch the video at the MindJet site. You can search my personal blog for relevant details. (See the MindMapping category.)

We actually do have quite a bit of integration, which we will be talking about with announcements at Lotusphere. I see that you are already an eProductivity user. Check with support to request an extension to your evaluation key until pricing becomes available. Thanks! Eric.

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