To-Do List capability added to Gmail

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
Gmail labs recently added a new application called, cleverly enough, "Tasks," which brings task management inside of Gmail. If you afre someone who lives in Gmail, then having your tasks there too, makes a lot of sense. If you use Gmail and you understand the principles of David Allen's GTD methodology, then this really makes a lot of sense. (This is the same reason we built eProductivity around the Lotus Notes In-box: we wanted to help people to manage their stuff by making it easy for them to process their incoming items at the point of entry.)

I'm not a Gmail user so I can't say anything about the quality of their implementation, but if you use Gmail, it's probably worth checking out.

Gmail labs: Tasks

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Tanny O'Haley ( 12/12/2008 12:04:09 PM
To-Do List capability added to Gmail

I have Gmail and added tasks. Here are the problems I've found so far.

1. The tasks don't integrate in the navigation column like you can with the Calendar Gadget.

2. You have three fields which you can add to a task, subject, date and note but isn't a way to label/categorize the task.

3. You can create multiple lists of tasks which might solve the categorization problem, but you can't move the tasks from one list to another.

Google needs to add the ability to label a task, view the task by label and add the task list to the navigation column to make it minimally useful for GTD.

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