Many of my eProductivity clients use the Treo 650 for phone and PIM applications. With the hype surrounding the new EVDO network devices I recently conducted several tests to help me determine if EVDO would indeed provide the performance benefits claimed by the respective networks. Note that I was not trying to determine the better network, simply whether the cost to upgrade to a Treo 700p could be justified on the basis of improved productivity.
My conclusions:
A 700p on EVDO is definitely faster than 650 on 1x RTT. It's more usable for replication of PIM data, web surfing, etc.
In my tests, EVDO offered up to three times the speed performance on download and up to twice the speed for upload.
EVDO Boost mode provides faster upload speeds at expense of slightly slower download speed
PDANet Rocks! However, no noticeable performance benefit with EVDO Boost or Proxy Mode

Here's a copy of my test results 20061004_Treo_1xRTT_vs_EVDO.pdf

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Rob (): 3/1/2007 10:19:13 AM
Treo w/EVDO - a worthwhile productivity upgrade

I second the endorsement of the 700p. The simplicity of the Palm platform and the speed of EVDO is a great combination. It's been a big jump from my old GSM Treo 600 when web surfing and downloading big attachments could be painful. Now when I'm riding the bus to work, I can clean out the e-mail (even those with MS Word docs attached) and check the news sites that used to wait until I got in. Now I don't have to spend any of my best thinking time just catching up with e-mail, etc.

Eric Mack ( 3/1/2007 1:08:46 PM
re: Treo w/EVDO - a worthwhile productivity upgrade

Yes, Rob, the Treo 700p presents a nice balance of form and function. It's the closest I've found to my ideal handheld. When I add mNotes or iAnywhere to the mix it becomes an idea distributed cognition and processing tool.

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