I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I talk with customers to learn what they think about our product and why. I've learned a lot and I have learned a lot about what people think about Lotus and why. In general, people seem to be surprisingly passionate - one way or the other.

So, what if Notes users loved Lotus the way iPhone users love Apple?

We know that many if not most of our customers have become huge fans of Notes (and to some extent, Lotus). So, we know it's possible.

As we look ahead to Lotusphere 2011 and talk with other attendees/non-attendees as well as business partners and exhibitors, I hear a variety of emotions about Lotus. Like many, I'm hopeful for a shift in the way that Lotus does business, engages with its customers, and presents itself in the market.

I find it helpful to think about successful outcomes in terms of "Wild Success" and to ask myself what that would look like. This prompted me to consider the question I put in the title of this blog post: What if Notes users loved Lotus the way iPhone users love Apple?

I'd like to have a discussion, so let me begin by asking a few questions about different facets of the above...

What if Notes users loved Lotus the way iPhone users love Apple?
a) What would that look like?

b) What would it take to get there?

c) What would need to happen at Lotusphere 2011 to facilitate that?

I look forward to the discussion!

messy-filing-cabinet.jpgLooking for resources on how to get more done with the free eProductivity Reference app? Then head on over to the GTD & Lotus Notes podcast and check out Episode 14. We just posted it yesterday.

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Posted by Ryan Heathers