Blogging the GTD Summit

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
20090312 - GTD Summit Day one Screen.jpgHello fellow Notes users and GTD enthusiasts!

My name is Ryan Heathers. I work at eProductivity with Eric Mack.

Eric invited me to guest author a series of blog posts covering the recent GTD Summit.

The first-ever GTD Summit was held two weeks ago in San Francisco and I was in attendance. Let me just say, it was fantastic! I had planned on blogging the event in real-time, but things got a little hectic between being an exhibitor and an attendee.

But nevertheless, the blogging was accomplished by drawing upon some extensive notes and a few pictures. The posts in the series vary between quick blurbs and medium-length thought pieces.

A lot of my writing assumes that you are familiar with GTD. If you are not, take a look at for info straight from David Allen, GTD’s creator.

Look for a new post each day!

Guest Post by Ryan Heathers

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