This productivity tip is not just for Lotusphere presenters, but for anyone that wants to move their documents to the Open Document file format...

How to quickly convert your LS09 presentation to ODF from PPT

The deadline for submitting the Lotusphere 2009 presentations is tomorrow.  IBM added a new twist this year by requiring that all presentations be created in Symphony. While I appreciate the intent behind the request  -- to get everyone using and showing Symphony -- it may not be a practical solution for everyone. I'm all for learning Symphony, but if I have to choose between working on my presentation deck for Lotusphere or learning Symphony so that I can convert my PowerPoint slides to it, guess which I'll choose?

I pinged Stephan Wissel over this and, after some ribbing about why I've not yet converted to Symphony (I know, shameful, but I plan to, soon), he told me about a plug-in from Sun Microsystems that will ODF-enable Microsoft Office:
  • The ODF Plug-in seamlessly integrates with the Load and Save As dialog and the Save (Ctrl+S) shortcut of Microsoft Office Word.
  • A new toolbar in Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office PowerPoint simplifies the import and export of ODF documents.
  • Make the ISO standardized OpenDocument file format the standard in your company, and switch the standard file format in Microsoft Office Word to ODF.

Here's a link to the Sun ODF Plug-in for Microsoft Office

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Stephan H. Wissel ( 12/5/2008 1:49:58 AM
To be crystal clear :-) I said "We want you to use Symphony"

Besides the Plug-in from Sun there is another alternative (sponsored by MS) available here: { Link } I haven't tested that one yet. What's interesting: there's a command line utility, so you can move your documents into ODF more quickly.

:-) stw

Eric Mack ( 12/5/2008 2:05:52 AM
I do plan to make Symphony a part of my 2009 Productivity Toolkit

Thanks, Stephan, for both tips. Now that the Symphony product has matured, I do plan to switch to Symphony as part of my 2009 productivity toolkit. Meanwhile, it's great to have these resources. I think the command-line tool will come in particularly handy to migrate past documents. Thanks for your comment!

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