While I understand that there's always a gap between the marketing/press release and the reality and I do not know how big that gap is, I am very excited about the Lotus Foundations offering from IBM. The idea of a drop-in-place server that is remotely managed and self-healing is very interesting. It appears to provide the benefits of SAAS with the security and capability of an on-site solution.

I have already recommended to a few clients that we include Lotus Foundations in consideration for their 2009 plans.  I'd like to say more about foundations, but without hand-on experience, I have little to tell just yet. Meanwhile, I have found the following resources and blog entries helpful:

IBM Foundations Press Release
Bilal Jaffery's Foundations blog

If you are running foundations, I'd like to hear of your experience.

Update: Gregg Eldred just posted this summary of a Foundations article in The Register.

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Gregg Eldred (http://www.ns-tech.com/blog/geldred.nsf): 11/13/2008 7:09:50 AM
I’m excited about Lotus Foundations and the productivity it promises

Prior to Foundations, I had no experience with these types of appliances. But since installing my own server, probably about 5 months ago, I can't believe how easy it is. Including Domino, for me, was the tipping point. But it was the simple setup, configuration, and low maintenance that sold me.

Thanks for the link, too. :-) I just love the attitude at The Register.

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