David Allen and I presented our session: "Maximizing Personal Productivity with IBM Lotus Notes." It was a fun session and I estimate that we had about 450-500 in attendance. Well, just before we started the Q&A, I mentioned that I had brought CD's with me as a gift from the Notes on Productivity Blog for the attendees. I explained that I had brought 200 CD's and that if folks were unable to get a CD from someone at the back of the room, they could stop by booth #722 to get one. Well, at that moment, at least 2/3 of the audience stood up in unison and rushed the back door while Ed Brill moderated questions. I couldn't believe it! I did not connect the fact that the reason they were rushing the door had nothing to do with Ed, David or myself but the limited supply of CD's until I realized that once people left the room, a number of them returned, CD in hand, smiling.

OK, I should have not announced the resource CD until after the Q&A.

If you did not get a CD, please stop by pedestal #722. We will have another box of CD's and we would be happy to give you one.

I need to file this one under "Lessons Learned" for next year.

I'm off to the Swan Mockingbird for a 7:00 AM BOF session with David Allen. After that, David and I will be hanging aroun pedestal #722 until David leaves for the airport, mid-morning. We hope to see you there!

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John Palmer (): 1/28/2009 8:21:45 AM
Lotusphere: How to empty a packed session faster than a fire alarm

Well, I did miss out on the CDs, got the card, went down to the vendor showcase, bought David's book, had him sign it, went to your pedestal, got the grand tour of eProductivity, talked with you a bit, talked with David a bit when he came by and FORGOT TO GET THE CD! Any way to still get it?

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