This article appeared in my LinkedIn Pulse Feed: Christophe Jost makes the case that Notes & Domino are a valuable tool in the software publisher's toolkit. As the creator and publisher of a powerful productivity suite based on IBM's Notes & Domino collaboration platform, I can agree with most of his points. We enjoyed the ability to code once and have a solution that worked immediately on Windows, Mac and Linux clients. With the coming Notes on iPad solution from HCL there is now a 4th platform for immediate deployment - presumably without modification of code. With Customization and xPages, Web Apps can be created for a 5th platform. The only thing missing would be a native mobile app but the previous two can go a long way to helping an enterprise enable its workforce.

At the same time, we must consider if the ship has already sailed for Notes & Domino. Many would say yes. The exodus from the platform -- both customers and vendors -- continues. And yet, I can tell from the new trials of our products that there are countries with active Notes and Domino users. While HCL are doing some amazing things and there is renewed and hopeful buzz around this. A key to reaching new customers will be not just new features in the product but a commitment to marketing, only time will tell how that will play out.

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